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Website Design

Does your website accurately reflect your company's vision? You have likely reached this page because either:

  1. You do not currently have a website - in which case you've probably been on asked for an address on several occasions.
  2. You have a website that your sales team is embarrassed to give out.

In either case you've realized the value of a website and have come to the right place. Corporate Web Image will design and implement a customer-centered website that locks your customer into your solutions.

Our Approach

Our approach begins with discovery. Learning more about your product or service offerings allows us to better custom tailor a solution that fits both your needs and the needs of your customers. Learning more about your goals for the website will play a pivotal role in the whether or not your website can be considered a success.

Site Map

After developing a better understanding of your company and its goals for the website, the next phase is to develop a site map. A site map is a conceptual drawing that allows all parties involved to gain an overview of the flow of information. It helps to reinforce both parties' visions for the completed website, as well as to ensure that all important requirements are fulfilled.

Sitemap Sample

Wireframe Sample


Wireframing is a quick and easy technique used to demonstrate how all elements of a page will be laid out. A typical wireframe will show where things like the logo, header, navigation, body copy, footer, etc. will be positioned on the screen relative to other elements.


The final stage of the website design process are the website mockups. Website mockups are the first attempts at developing a look-and-feel for a website. Most of our designers prefer to develop two or three different looks for a website before handing them over to the client. This provides the client with some flexibility in deciding what they like and what they do not like so that a rough look and feel can be established. Once a rough mockup is approved, our talented designers will then continue to refine the selected mockup until a design befitting to your needs is achieved.

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